Wedding Prep – The Skin Care Calendar

Wedding Prep – The Skin Care Calendar

The countdown to your big day is on and you are determined to look your best for your photos. With the best planning, you can have a schedule in place that will ensure you are looking your best when you say ‘I do.’ Sometimes brides forget that many things should be done long before the big day, so here are some beauty areas that should be addressed months before the actual photos are taken.

8 Months Out

Your Fitness plan – This is the time to get a fitness plan in place. This stops you from crash dieting during the weeks before the wedding when you truly need the energy food can give you. It will also help you create the right habits to improve your skin glowing, hair healthy and firm up your body.

That dye job – If you are wanting a new look for your wedding day, now is the time to experiment with different styles. If you end up not liking your colouring, this time gives your hair the space to recover from any damage and grow the colour out if needed. Once you find something you like don’t leave it to the last minute, book appointments at least once a month to refresh your hair and make sure it looks the best.

Hair removal – if you are looking to get any hair removal procedures done it is best to start the treatments around 8 months before your wedding day. Most aesthetic treatment conducted with IPL machines, require five to six treatment spaced four weeks apart. So to get smooth skin and not worry about unwanted hair on your honeymoon, it is best to schedule these early and be prepared.

6 Months

Get Serious – Your skin care routine will benefit from a serious attitude 6 months out from your photos. Pick and stick with a good routine involving cleansers, toners and moisturising. This will also help keep your skin under control when you are stressed with all the planning.

4 Months

Hairstyling and Makeup – While colouring should already be taken care of, try to arrange a hair styling and makeup trial session to discuss your options. This will help you determine exactly how you look and experiment with a bunch of different styles until you find one that will match your theme. Don’t forget to bring inspiration with you or be afraid to voice your opinion, after all your pictures will last forever.

3 Months

Your brows – Your brows are an important part of your face, framing and holding your makeup together. So don’t let your brow tech go to town and simply test out how they will appear both for the actual day, but also in the weeks after.

2 Months

Brighten your Smile – Your smile will be your best feature on your day so it is important it looks the best. Try using a whitening kit at home or try the professional route for more long-lasting results.

1 Month

The countdown to the big day. Try to relax knowing you have prepared everything in advance and enjoy your big day. After all, it’s your memories that will count the most when looking back on the day.


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