Where to Visit and What to See in Geelong, Australia

One of the best places to stop by in Victoria is Geelong, a charming waterfront city located on the opposite side of Mornington Peninsula. Tourists are most likely to visit the bigger nearby city Melbourne. But if you want a quieter Australian experience with gorgeous scenery, then Geelong is the pace to be. Here is a list of really nice places to tour when in Geelong.

Bayside Bollards

Geelong’s stunning waterfront is the best place to explore in the city. There are many attractions up and down the area. It’s also the best area to find accommodation in Geelong with amazing views of the ocean. Bayside Bollards is a favourite spot among many locals and tourists. While you enjoy the wonderful scenery, you can take strolls to visit piers, historical buildings, local watering halls and many art exhibitions. Bayside Bollards is definitely the most vibrant are in town, full of culture and art.

Geelong Carousel

At Geelong’s famed waterfront is this massive carousel built originally in 1893. It’s one of the best places to have fun with kids. The colourful carousel also has handcrafted wooden features that history and art buffs will love. It’s very colourful, and the entry to the Carousel building is free. The area is also a great spot to hang out and have a snack.

Barwon Heads Beach

Barwon Heads is a very popular beach in Geelong, famed for its superb surf. There’s also a Golf Club nearby. If you want to spend time at the beach and maybe enjoy a round of golfing, head to Barwon Heads. The breathtaking beach is dotted with sand dunes take strolls at. The Barwon River empties into the ocean here, so there are plenty of lovely spots for private picnics as the well. You can cross the Barwon River Bridge to Ocean Grove, a popular holiday destination among locals.

Geelong Vintage Market

When in town, don’t forget to visit the Geelong vintage market located on the Melbourne Road. The market boasts more than 60 stalls spread over a 2,000 square meters of space. It’s called vintage because most stalls sell precious antique items and wood carvings. Serious collectors can enjoy some serious shopping here. Others can window shop. There are also great cafes and eateries in the area to enjoy delectable local dishes.

Queenscliff Vintage Trains

Head over to the Bellarine Railway station in Queenscliff to ride on vintage steam and diesel trains. Most trains operate on the weekends, so make sure you go there on a Saturday or a Sunday. Train enthusiasts will definitely be at home here. Interested tourists can try their hand at driving one of the old locomotives too. You can ride a train as much as you want and then stop by the station houses to look at museum items.

You can also visit the Bellarine surf beaches and Point Lonsdale, a charming and quiet township to enjoy a private holiday. Bellarine surf beaches are located by the Great Ocean Drive so you can go on a car ride if you like. Geelong has plenty of places to enjoy so you will never be bored.

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