Touring a Venue Open House? What You Should Know

Touring a Venue Open House? What You Should Know

You only realise how scarce venues are for events when you need one. Thing is though, it is not that venues are scarce. You just do not know most of them and how they are suitable for your needs. While browsing online is useful of course, it can only take you so far. Hence, when venues you have been eyeing or that you know are good host open days, make sure you take the opportunity to visit. Open houses are beneficial in helping you find out what you want to know and things that are not always so obvious through a screen. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of it.


Food & Drink Tastings

What good is a venue that does not take its food seriously? No good at all. Your guests will not be too enthused at having to scarf down dry, mealy food whilst surrounded with glittering walls. The beauty of an open house is that is allows you to test the food and drink offered at the venue. You get to browse through their menu, ask them if there are any special dishes they can accommodate and if so, are there any additional costs? It is always a good idea to have your cuisine sorted out since that can be one of the biggest challenges when selecting a venue.


Ask About Décor

If you have any particularly flamboyant décor in mind, make sure the venue allows it. Some venue do not like to have their premises ruined by tape and pins, whilst others are a lot more accommodating. Most venues do of course allow décor, but if there is something especially unique then you should enquire beforehand. Will they have staff to help setup? What about the extra materials you might need? If the venue is an outdoor one, how can you decorate those areas? All things to consider. So instead of just walking around, take every detail in.


Check for Good Bathrooms

Generally if a venue is reputed and upscale, their bathrooms are of course to match. However, since they do say not to judge a book by its cover, this would be a good instance to put that into practice. It would be terrible if everything else went along swimmingly well but your guests complained about the bathrooms. Are they clean and hygienic? Working most importantly? Will there be cleaners on-hand during the event if need be to tidy things up? Whether you are looking at a function venue Geelong or anywhere else, bathrooms should be on top of your list.


Meet the Manager

At a venue open house, a manager should be present. He/ she should be the one leading the open house in the first place, walking you through each and every aspect of the venue. This allows you to ask as many questions as you need to. Plus, if you have any special requests such as extending the time of the event, you can ask the manager then and there. Clearing out your doubts with him/her will be so much more efficient than exchanging mails and phone calls.


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