Tips for Redesigning an Apartment

Tips for Redesigning an Apartment

Redesigning apartments can be tricky. It’s largely due to that fact that most apartments have limited space. Plus, families may only have two or three rooms available that needs to function as a full size home. If you get the design right, apartments can be gorgeous, spacious places to live as well. Read ahead for several interior design ideas that will make you love your apartment even more.

Ceiling Shelves

Apartments often don’t have lots of ground space, but some apartments have large spaces between the floor and the ceiling. This is valuable space that can be used for storage. Ceiling shelves are designed to disappear into interior. Guests will notice them unless they are looking. When you are strapped for space, ceiling shelves can be a lifesaver. Use these to stow away items, like luggage bags that you don’t need to use every day.

Enclose Areas with Glass or Stainless Steel Balustrades

Instead of using hand railings or similar structures, go for stainless steel balustrading to protect high, open spaces, and also to enclose spaces. If you need a separate pet’s area or a kid’s play area, glass balustrades can create these spaces without impairing the chic interior décor. They are also an excellent choice for staircases in apartments to secure higher up spaces.

Built-in Seating for Fireplace

Does your apartment have a real or faux fireplace? You can huddle around it in winter if you can build seating benches in the fireplace. This may require some architectural skill, but a good contractor will be able to handle it without a fuss. You will require an average to large sized fireplace to have built-in seating.

Pillow Room in Nooks

Do not let those cramped books between rooms and structures in apartments go to waste. They may not be big enough for a full room, or to even stand up straight, but you can still use them in innovative ways. If the nook is big enough to move around on all fours, throw in some pillows and make it a pillow room, great for slumber parties and reading. You can also add shelves and use these spaces for storage.

Kitchen Island Wine Storage

Apartment owners should not let any space go to waste. That includes the area between the kitchen island top and the floor. There are plenty of uses for the inside of the kitchen island. You can create an opening for a mini fridge, or better yet, create shelves for a wine storage.

Get Curvy Furniture

Instead of filling your apartment with furniture that has sharp edges, pick round tables, curvy chairs and other furniture with rounded or curves edges. Curvy furniture takes up less space. Also, they can make any cramped space look bigger than it actually is.

Add Lot of Light Fixtures

Darkness and low light makes apartments look miserable, gloomy and very cramped. Make sure you light up the space to make it look bigger and more pleasant. You can add large windows. But that’s a big structural change. A better solution is to add loads of light fixtures in any style you prefer.

Find inspiration from the above ideas, and make your apartment look super stylish and contemporary.


Image Credit: Architecture

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