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Simple Accessories All Girls Must Have

Although Cartier jewelry has its own appeal, not everyone can afford it. However, the purpose of jewelry and accessories is to enhance your beauty. Therefore, what you wear does not necessarily has to be expensive. There are pretty simple accessories that you can wear to make you look prettier. Listed below are some of them.


There are various types of necklaces that are created for different occasions. Pendant necklaces are the really long ones with a small pendant on the end. These are suitable for casual clothes since they are very simple. You have to find the right length to ensure that it suits you. Delicate necklaces are simple chains that you can wear for any day occasions. They are created in various lengths and designs. When purchasing such items, make sure to choose something that suits your personality.


Stretch bracelets are ones that fit your wrist perfectly. Wearing bangles can be quite inconvenient since they can move around a lot. However, stretch bracelets stick to your wrist and look good on you too – especially when worn alongside a watch. These are available in different sizes and designs. They are quite colorful since they are made out of various types of beads and charms. On the other hand, cuffs are more like statement pieces. They are huge and, therefore, can attract attention quickly. Cuffs must only be worn for plain clothes. For instance, if you are wearing a red and black dress, then you might want to wear a red or black cuff. Do not purchase multicolored ones since they do not suit all kind of clothes.


Apart from your engagement and wedding ring, you need to have a separate collection of rings in your closet. Rings are small, cute and inexpensive. Of course, there are cocktail rings, which are huge and flashy. Similar to statement necklaces, they are suitable only for special occasions. On the other hand, if you want something simple, you can try out delicate rings. These are delicate and classic. Therefore, they look good on any kind of clothing.


If you are going for a formal event such as gala, you might want to wear statement earrings. These are huge pieces that get instant attraction from the audience. Remember that you must not wear a statement necklace when wearing statement earrings. This will make you look too flashy and will also diver the attention from yourself to your jewelry.

You can buy as many of these accessories as you want since they are available for affordable prices. However, purchase them from reliable stores to ensure that you can use them on the long-term.

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