Reasons to Visit a Dentist

Reasons to Visit a Dentist

Regular dentist visits are important to maintain oral health and hygiene. However, there are instances other than your regular visit where you need to see a dentist. What are the instances where you need to be careful and concerned about your oral health? Read below to find out.


One of the most overlooked issues when it comes to oral health is toothaches. Often, we tend to think of it as a trivial issue and go on about our day. However, what most people do not realise is that toothache can be a symptom of a larger health issue. This could be a sign of an infection in the root. So, whenever you feel any pain, or even see any swelling near the tooth, don’t wait it out or wait till your next visit. Make an appointment now and consult a dentist.

Swollen or Inflamed Gums

Swollen or inflamed gums could mean the start of gum disease. This is another reason to be concerned about your oral health. Other than swelling the symptoms of gum disease include redness or inflammation and soreness in the gums.

Although gum diseases can be easily prevented with good oral hygiene, severe cases would require professional treatment. Serious cases of gum diseases lead to infection and bacteria building below the gum line and you will need a professional to deep clean and treat your gums.

Mouth Injuries

Sometimes accidents cause injury and harm to our mouth. Any sort of injury or trauma to the mouth is an indication that you should visit a dentist. This may be due to a road accident, sports accident or even a small accident at home that hurt your mouth or teeth. No matter how trivial you might feel it is, it is still necessary to go for a check-up.

Sometimes these injuries can harm the root of the tooth and sometimes the ‘minor’ pains you feel could be a sign of a larger internal injury. If you experience any trauma to the mouth and are looking for an emergency dentist in Frankston, then you have several emergency dental care professionals that you can contact.

Sensitive Teeth

Sometimes you may experience sensitivity to hot or cold food items. Whenever you drink something hot such as tea or coffee or even consume something cold such as ice cream you will feel a subtle pain or discomfort in your teeth.

Never ignore this thinking it is normal. This is a sign of tooth sensitivity. Often, this can be treated with sensitive toothpaste, which is a type of toothpaste specifically made for treating teeth that is sensitive to hot or cold food. However, if the sensitivity persists it is advisable to consult a dentist.

Cosmetic Treatments

There are certain oral health issues that require cosmetic treatments. This includes procedures such as correcting crooked teeth, whitening, braces or even correcting teeth after an accident or trauma. Although these fall under the category of cosmetic treatments, these procedures will help you maintain the strong structure of teeth, their health and appearance and contribute to overall oral hygiene. So, if you face any issue such as chipped or crooked teeth or stained teeth visit a dentist and consult about treatment options available for you.

Whenever there is some significant change in your oral health and hygiene, it is a sign to visit a dentist. Don’t wait till the next month’s dental day or your next scheduled visit. These sudden changes are a reason for immediate check-ups.

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