Perfect Wines to Gift for Any Occasion

Perfect Wines to Gift for Any Occasion

A bottle of wine could make almost any kind of occasion complete – from birthdays, dinners, weddings, or any other gathering. If you’re going to attend a special event, bringing in a bottle of wine with you would surely be appreciated by the host. 

With so many wine kinds and brands out there, it is important to choose carefully which one you’d bring. Aside from taking into consideration the preferences of the host, you could also consider the event you’ll be attending to narrow down your wine options. Here are some tips on which wines are the best depending on the occasion. 

As a Party Starter

Going on a party empty-handed is an absolute no-no. One of the easiest things you could bring with you to a party is a bottle of good wine. To get the party started, take a bottle or two for the guests to enjoy. Although most party hosts have their own wine ready for the event, it would also make them feel at ease thinking that there’s still extra you brought. Choose a wine that is easy to drink so that it would appeal to most of the guests. 

For Birthdays or Weddings

Birthdays and weddings are really special occasions and your wine gift should also be the same. Choose a wine that is extra special or luxurious – something that you wouldn’t just buy regularly for yourself. If you’re looking for a prestigious wine shop in Melbourne has one good shop you could trust. The host has spent so much to have you in the event so it would be grateful to return to them with a special gift for their big day. 

Gift for a Wine Collector

If you’re looking for something to gift your wine collector friend, it doesn’t really matter if it is an expensive wine or a regular priced one. Since they are collecting, they would truly appreciate something that they could add to their collection. You have more freedom in options in this case – whether it is white or red. 

As a Thank You Gift

If you’re invited to a dinner or a small gathering, it is good etiquette to bring a simple present as a simple thank you gift for the host. If it is a dinner, most likely your wine gift won’t be opened since the host has something prepared that suits the food well. Add a personal touch to your wine gift by attaching a note for the host. 

Gift for a Wine Aficionado

If you’re looking for the best wine to gift a wine aficionado, look for something that is rare or hard to find such as a Spanish Tempranillo blend. Your friend will surely appreciate the extra special gift plus the effort you exerted in looking for a rare find. 

With these little tips, choosing the perfect kind of wine to bring to an event or gift someone is made a lot easier than it was before.

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