How to Keep Your Sofa Clean?

How to Keep Your Sofa Clean?

Although we spend a lot on buying the ideal sofa for our living room, sometimes stains and tears are inevitable. However, if you know the right ways to clean and maintain your sofa, these issues will not last long. Take a look at the following tips to see how you can keep your sofa clean and free of messes.


Vacuuming is a great way to make sure any sort of fabric surfaces like sofas or carpets stay clean of dust or dirt. Although sofas might not collect dirt as a rug or a carpet, they can still have any crumbs from food you have eaten while on it, and dust that collects if you don’t clean at properly. Instead of just wiping away the dust with a duster, make sure to vacuum it too. Vacuuming a sofa once week will be enough to get rid of any crumbs or dust.

Try Using Covers

Using blankets and throws when there is a busy night like a movie night will make sure the sofa is protected from food and drink stains. Parties and movies nights or dinners are times where the living room sofa will be used the most and blankets can help protect it from all food crumbs and popcorn and other food that can collect in between the cushions. Also, this is a great way to keep the sofa upholstery safe from perspiration or drink spillage.

Keep your Pets Away

If you are worried about having pet hair or paw prints or tears all over the sofa, you can keep your pets away from the sofa. But if you still want to have your furry friends close and pet them, you can once again use throws. Especially the throws that can be washed easily in the washing machine. This will make it much easier as you don’t have to worry about hand washing the throws all the time nor washing the sofa cushions frequently.

Professional Cleaners

When there are stains that cannot be removed easily, calling for professional help is the best idea. Usually stains can be removed by washing them off, by botching them as soon as possible and then air drying. However, if you still have stains from spills like coffee, wine tea or juice that is hard to remove, you can get it cleaned by professional upholstery cleaners. This will ensure the best and most effective cleaning of the upholstery.

Plump the cushions and Clean the Sofa

This step is to maintain the sofa in good shape more than to clean it. After you have used it for long houses, plump the cushions to keep them still fluffy and in shape. If you have eaten on the sofa, then you can clean it with a duster to get rid of any crumbs that have fallen off. Dusting will help to remove food particles immediately without the staining the sofa.

Good maintenance can keep anything in home in good condition. So, follow these steps to make sure your sofa stays both clean and in shape.



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