How Do You Find The Best Audio Mastering Engineer?

How Do You Find The Best Audio Mastering Engineer?

If you’re looking to work with an audio master, you should be careful who end up working with. Before you settle on one, keep a few things in mind. Below, we’ll be talking about these, so keep reading.

Don’t Use Online Services

If you go through the internet, you’ll see many services on the internet offering audio mastering. Most of the time, they use programs to pass your music through, mastering it. Although the software does master its audio, it doesn’t do a very good job of this.

This is as the software is not human. It’s technology, so it doesn’t know what human ears like hearing. Thus, it’ll master the track, making it lifeless.

As you can imagine, this would result in you releasing a track that no one wants to listen to. So, you won’t be making money and you’d have lost a lot just because you picked a software to master for you. This is an even bigger shame as online mastering services are not cheap- almost as expensive as their human counterparts.

Are They Good At Communicating?

They need to be excellent in communicating as they need to understand what you want out of their services. Once they do, you’ll be able to produce a track that is very much to your liking. Moreover, they need to have good communication skills as whatever feedback they have, they should be able to properly convey it to you. Ultimately, this would affect how well your other tracks end up as their expert ear would help you avoid making the same mistakes.

As you can see, being good at communication is vital to the job role. However, you may find it hard to find masters that are proficient in this skill. To make sure you find one that is, speak to artists in the area, finding out which ones are the easiest to communicate with.

Thankfully, if you’re looking for mastering services in Melbourne, they are known to have great engineers.

The Mastering Engineer Is Experienced

If you hire someone inexperienced to master your audio, you’ll end up with a track that not only is bad in quality but unable to broadcast. One of the jobs they do is making sure the song is fit enough to be streamed on various platforms. An inexperienced mastering engineer may not be fully aware of this or do a horrible job at this. Thus, your track won’t be released to the general public.

Moreover, you need someone who has a good ear. This can only be gained through experience in the field. Thus, audio masters who know what they’re doing will easily be able to pick up on the various errors your track may have, fixing them in the process.

To ensure they’re experienced you should only work with audio masters you have been recommended by people- preferably other artists.

As you can see, there are various things you must keep in mind before you find an engineer best suited for you. Hopefully, this article provided you with ample information to ease your quest.

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