Fashion Rules All Entrepreneurs Must Follow

Although dressing like Zuckerburg or Jobs will not make you a genius, it is important for every businessman to wear his part. Wearing the right clothes makes you look presentable and approachable. Therefore, as much as you invest time and money your company, you must focus a little bit on personal grooming as well. Listed below are some tips that you have to follow in order to be compatible with other business professionals in town.

Follow the code

Your attire must follow the dress code of your company. Only then will your employees will be encouraged to do the same. If your company does not have a dress code, you must immediately create one. This is important to create brand awareness and also to create a certain sense of uniformity between the workers. You can either make your dress code traditional, professional or casual. Your decision must be based on the ethics of your business and company culture.

Project a serious image

Of course, wearing casual clothes such as jeans and a sweatshirt can make you feel comfortable and create a friendly impression on your employers. However, it can also make them think that you are a go-easy type of boss and, therefore, will influence them to take you for granted. Therefore, you must dress clothes that project a serious imagine. This does not mean that you have to wear suits every day to work – although it will not be so bad either. You can wear a clean, ironed and tucked in white shirt. This will make you look more like a boss and less like a high school kid.

Vote for blue and white

Most businessmen wear light blue or white cotton shirts most of the time. This is because these colors project a serene and calm effect while being able to create a professional image. These type of shirts also suit all kinds of body types and complexions. Moreover, they are suitable for any occasion and therefore can be considered as a cost-effective investment.

Have one good suit in the closet

Yes, suits are expensive. But, wearing one can make you feel so too. Although not everyone can afford to wear suits all the time, all entrepreneurs must possess at least one good – a really good – suit in their wardrobe. Make sure that it is tailored according to your requirements. Single breasted, one-button suits and navy blue or charcoal grey looks good in general.

Following the above tips can not only make you look like a businessman but can also make you act like one too.

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