Why You Should Consider Installing Roller Shutter Doors

Why You Should Consider Installing Roller Shutter Doors

Modern roller shutter doors are fast and simple to use, either manually or power-operated via a chain system. It provides tremendous protection for both pedestrian and vehicular entry.

This is in fact one of the key reasons why many companies chose to fix roller shutters at their manufacturing sites. Fixing roller shutters in your premises ‘exterior access points not only increases the building’s security but also serves as a barrier to possible criminals finding easy entry.


Industrial roller safety shutters made from mild steel can provide an additional layer of security and protection for your premises and its contents. Alternatively, if the premises are likely to be empty for extended periods of time (such as Christmas or business shutdowns), steel roller shutters offer additional security for vacant buildings.


The added security advantages of a roller shutter door often have the advantage of serving as a disincentive to attempts at forced entry to your premises. Roller shutters send a strong message that the building is safe and secured and can discourage attempts to break in before they even occur.


As standard, modern roller shutter gates come with safety brakes against dropping back. They can also be fitted with safety edges, protective picture cells, traffic lights, induction loops, audible warning alarms and full coil casings to improve user security & pedestrian traffic. You can purchase great garage doors in Melbourne if you were so inclined.

Weather Protection

Roller shutter doors offer more protection from the elements than normal doors with severe weather conditions on the rise. If it is wind or rain safety, a properly designed and maintained shutter door helps keep the heat and rain out and helps keep the ambient temperature stable within your premises.

Fire Protection

Modern Roller shutter doors have much better fire safety than conventional wooden doors. Shutter doors may trap a fire in the unlikely event of a fire and prevent it from spreading to other buildings internally or externally. Note that the degree of protection a roller shutter door provides can vary depending on its design.

Effective Room Use

Unlike conventional doors that open outward or inward, roller shutter opens vertically to help maximize the premises ‘usable space. It also makes loading and unloading simpler, because vehicles can be parked right in front of the gate, enabling more effective loading of goods – saving you time and money. You’ll also find that there’s no need to leave wide clear spaces around a shutter roller screen. That means you can store things inside the building closer to it.

Privacy Rules

If your business needs some degree of privacy, roller shutter doors will provide your business with an additional level of privacy – both in terms of preventing surveillance of activities within your premises, and soundproofing to prevent noise from spreading outside your house.

The opening and closing of the shutter doors are clear and the opening mechanism is fast and simple if they are properly serviced and maintained. Instead of a regular key, motorized roller shutter doors can also be controlled remotely via a handheld transmitter.


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