Co-Dependence and Interdependence in Relationships

Co-Dependence and Interdependence in Relationships

Relationships are important to all human beings. In fact, we are wired to maintain and enjoy human connections and without that we will not be able to live our lives to all the fulfillment that we may think of.

Many people believe that solitude is a great way to avoid heartache and disappointment but in reality, you can handle relationships just as well and make sure that you are keeping yourself safe so that you do not end up with issues that can ruin your mental health and well-being. Co-dependence and interdependence in relationships is a good place to start with and here is how to identify what is what.

Why Is Co-Dependence Dangerous?

Co-dependence in a relationship is when either one individual or both are so reliant on each other that they begin to lose their sense of individuality. They completely make the other person the centre of their universe and they will simply begin to make choices out of fear of losing the other person.

This means that they are unable to identify and set healthy boundaries for them or for other people and that they simply start behaving like pushovers for people to walk all over. Even if you are in a relationship you should be your own person and if you must you should also have the courage to say no. If a person considers you important enough, they will definitely make an effort to stay in your life.

How Can You Get Help?

When you feel like you will need help you should strive to get that help as much as possible. For example, you can get the help of Melbourne psychologists and other professionals in form of therapy or even counselling if it means that it will help you build yourself up and even build your relationships up. Trauma attachment, obsession, infatuation and all of the other such emotions and binds are negative in building a healthy relationship.

Instead focus on building relationships that give you the grit to be yourself and be proud of who you are as a person. Get the expert help that is needed for you to extricate yourself out of this situation and be honest about what you are feeling and going through. Your professional will give you unbiased help and assistance.

What Can Be Done to Nurture Interdependence?

One of the main things that you can do as a person to nurture a solid and healthy relationship is to focus on yourself while you are in a relationship. If you focus on being happy as a person on your own you will be able to have a relationship that is a value-added situation.

Expecting somebody else to come and complete you and make you happy is a great way to set yourself up for disappointment and needless to say you will attract the wrong type of partner too. this is because somebody who is strong as a person will not want to associate or have to deal with all the complications that comes with over attachment in a relationship.


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