How to become more enthusiastic about your job

How to become more enthusiastic about your job

No doubt, all of us have good days and bad days when it comes to our jobs. But if every day is a bad day, and you have to drag yourself to work every single day, then no doubt you’ve lost your interest and enthusiasm for your job somewhere along the way. Here’s what you can do to bring it back.

Finding out the root of the problem, and finding a solution for it

Like every other problem in life, the lack of enthusiasm when it concerns your career, or the gradual disappearance of it too would have a root; the place it all began. Do a little thinking and try to figure out when exactly you realized your lack of enthusiasm. Finding the trigger to the problem or the root of it can help you work through it. At the very least, it should enable you to understand if you are still in the correct path (career wise) or if you need to consider a change of profession.

Don’t rule career burnout

Many people experience career burnouts and confuse it to a lack of enthusiasm towards their job. If you are overworked or overstressed regularly, then it’s quite possible that rather than the job itself, it’s the career burnout that is the problem. Read up on the symptoms of burnout, and assess yourself accordingly. If you feel it is indeed a burnout, then apart from de-stressing, doing some holidaying (health retreat NSW based are a particular favorite of ours…!), and taking a step back from your work hours, you should also consider delegating more of your work to those working with you, and under you.

Turning up the heat and challenging yourself

While for some it is the overworking, for some it’s the lack of challenging tasks that makes them feel less enthusiastic about their careers. Even something beneficial as the advancement in your career can be the reason behind your lack of enthusiasm; simply because your current position might not be as challenging as your previous one. But being good at what you do is what got you’re this position; and you shouldn’t regret it. Instead, try to find a way to turn up the heat and make your job more challenging to you.

Shaking that routine and adding in the new

Doing the same things every day for years can naturally become boring. This inevitably ends with you feeling less than enthusiastic about your job. Even if your current working routine works well for you, try to shake it up once in a while. Not only will it throw you off balance, and make your career more interesting and challenging to you, but it will also give you a chance to add in something new and (currently) interesting to you, to your schedule and routine.


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