Accommodating Natural Light in Your Home

Accommodating Natural Light in Your Home

Natural light is so much nicer, not to mention cheaper to utilize. It can warm a home and create a lovely atmosphere. Unfortunately, people have begun to rely so much of synthetic lighting that they do not consider how to manage the natural light that they have. With just a few minor adjustments to your home, you can enjoy this abundance of nature. You can even save some money from your utility bills as well. Here is what you can do.

Use the Right Covers

If you ask most people what they put in front of their windows, they will most probably reply curtains. The problem with curtains, however, is that it is an all or nothing affair. Typically, you let all the light in or none at all. Either that, or you have an uncomfortable stream of light falling in a particular place in the room. Instead of dealing with all this hassle, you should consider setting up blinds in Wollongong. With these, you will have better control over how much light enters your home. This way, you can make certain that only the required amount comes in. Such features will come in quite handy during the summer months, especially if you do not fancy keeping your curtains closed all day.

Replace with Glass, Where Possible

One of the things that you may want to do is to have glass doors, wherever you can. If you do not feel safe about doing this with your front door, you can try smaller doors. Even inside the house, try to substitute any wooden doors with glass separations. This will allow the natural light to be seen in the next room as well. Another option that you can try is installing sky lights. If you are worried about overheating the room, try for smaller skylights all around the house. Areas like the kitchen and the living room will benefit especially from these little ceiling windows.

Go Light

As you can imagine, lighter colours are much less likely to absorb the natural light that is coming in. Therefore, having paler colours will help the light to be bounced around from one place to another. Of course, this does not mean that you have to resort to having an entirely white interior. You can try mixing dark and light colours for a more balanced appearance. Also, having the ceiling as well as the floor in lighter shades will be for the best. If you do not want to change the colour of your floor, try having light coloured rugs instead.

Mirror, Mirror on the Walls

Much like the light paint, mirrors work brilliantly to spread light from one area to another. To maximize this trick, try having mirrors at the same level, on opposite walls. This way, the light can be reflected around. If you are not keen on having quite so many mirrors, try to have shiny, reflective objects and furnishings around the house instead. These will have a similar effect but will be less noticeable than the mirrors.

All of these pointers will help you to light up your home in absolutely no time at all.


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