7 Things to Consider Before a Home Extension

7 Things to Consider Before a Home Extension

Thinking of getting a home extension? Everything discussed below would make the task smoother. Keep reading.


If you want to get a home extension, you’d need to get permission from your local city council. You don’t have to worry about getting the documents yourself. The contracting team you’re hiring would do the work for you. Depending on where the extension would be, how difficult it would be to get the permits for it would differ.

An Architect

An architect would be able to bring your vision to life. He might be contracted by the building team, but you might have to hire one yourself. Make sure that the two of you get along and communicate well. He won’t be able to bring your vision to life otherwise.


Speak to your neighbours. The extension of the house may cause boundary issues with other properties. By letting the houses near you know what you’re going to do, you’ll reduce the chances of them causing issues– the extension might cause a shadow that would block light to a section of their home.

The construction work might be very noisy as well. Informing others would be the right thing to do.


Let’s talk about how long the project will take again. The building process won’t be the only thing that would take time. The team would need to survey the property as well as get the permits, acquire the materials, and let stages rest before they can move on the next. As you can imagine, the larger the extension, the more time it would take.


When looking for a team to accomplish the renovations, it’s vital that you choose someone that would do a quality job. It would look obvious that you added an extension otherwise. And you may be doing the extension to increase the square footage and drive property value up. There’s no way you’ll be able to increase property value if the job done was bad. When looking for home extensions and renovations in Melbourne, you’d thankfully find many reputable companies.

If the job was bad, your loved ones could be in danger too; electrical wiring may not have been placed properly.


How would the extension look? The wisest thing would be to go for an extension that would complement the rest of the home’s aesthetic. This shouldn’t be hard –a good architect would be able to achieve this.


How lavish of an extension you’ll be able to accomplish depends on your budget. If you’re going to be increasing the square footage to drive property value up, spending a lot may be a good move – the move would be fruitful.

Final Thoughts

Before you get a home extension, there is a lot to keep in mind. From all the points that were talked about, the most crucial would be whether you’ve spoken to your neighbours about your plans. The boundaries of your home might extend or you may need to tear down a fence. Considering everything discussed, what do you think?

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