6 Tips to Overcome Bullying

6 Tips to Overcome Bullying

Bullying has always been an issue. Unfortunately, it’s becoming more widespread. Although true, there is a range of ways to overcome it. We’ve run through 6 of the best ways to do this below. So, why don’t you read ahead?

Confront the Bully

The best way to overcome bullying is by confronting the person who’s making your life so difficult. They are picking on you as they think you can’t defend yourself. By standing up to them, you’ll squash how they view you, which would result in them leaving you alone.

Although the bullying is causing you pain, the bully may not even be aware of the pain they’re causing. That’s why by speaking to them, you’re making them know realize the impact of their actions.

You’re Not the Problem

Although it seems like it, you’re not the problem. The person who’s been bullying you is. It’s alright for you to be different as no one is perfect. However, picking on someone for their differences, whatever it may be is not normal. This is why you need to remind yourself that they’re the issue, as otherwise, you’ll blame yourself for the harassment.

Don’t Shut Yourself Off

As you think you’re the problem, your way of thinking results in you isolating yourself from the people you love. You see yourself as not worthy of them, which is simply not true. Unfortunately, a lot of people who are bullied do this, and it only makes their victim mentality worse. You should remember that being bullied does not define you, so letting it dictate your life makes you more miserable.

Deal with The Scars

Years have gone by and you’re no longer being bullied. This is great but you’re still dealing with its scars. Talking about what you went through would help. You could do this with a loved one, but speaking to a professional may be the best move. Whether you’re speaking to a Perth based psychologist clinic or one in Sydney, counselling will work wonders.

Let Everyone Know What You’re Going Through

Being bullied is very serious. However, the people in your life may not be aware of what you’re going through.  As a result, you’re leaving them in the dark, handling the situation by yourself. This is a recipe for disaster as you’ll feel like the world is against you

If you tell others what you’ve been going through, not only would you have more people to lean on, you’ll have people to help remedy the issue. They’ll also give you suggestions to help deal with the bullying, even taking action into their own hands.

Find the Things You Love

Bullying is not easy, and no one said it was. This is why finding your passions would leave you taking your mind off everything you’ve experienced, or are experiencing. They’ll give you more reasons to smile, as well as something worthwhile to pour your attention into. By pursuing your passions, you’ll also increase your chances of meeting people that share your interests. So, you’re helping yourself find people that truly understand you.

Anyone would agree that bullying is horrible, which is why it ruins lives. Although true, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t a number of ways to tackle it. We’ve run through 6 of the best ways to do this, making your life easier. So, what did you think of everything we ran through? Will you be making use of our points in the future?


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