5 Ways to Keep Your Skin Young

5 Ways to Keep Your Skin Young

No one would want their skin to prematurely age. Your lifestyle may unfortunately be hectic, which is why you’re seeing wrinkles and sagginess. Don’t fear, there’s a lot of things that can keep your skin young. We’ve discussed them below. Keep reading.

Avoid the Sun

Whether you’re going to be at the beach or running errands, you need to protect yourself from the sun. Ultraviolet rays would cause you to age faster. There is a plethora of other negative effects sunlight can have your skin – you might sunburn and then have hyperpigmentation once the inflammation has passed.

The best way to deal with sunlight would be through sunscreen. Make sure what you pick up is SPF 30.

How does sunlight cause you to age faster? UV rays would damage the elastic fibres that keep your skin firm; wrinkles would form.

Hats are great accessories. Make use of them. They’d keep the sun from your face. Of course, a parasol would be great too.

Sunscreen can’t be placed near your eyes. What do you do? Wear sunglasses.

Avoid Tanning Beds

Tanning can be addictive. You’d be able to go from a pale complexion to a more exotic one in seconds. The thing is, tanning beds are horrible for you. They’d darken your complexion by bombarding you with ultraviolet rays. We just discussed above how bad this would be.

Just because you can’t use tanning beds, it doesn’t mean that you can’t tan. You can go the spray-route. There are also lotions you could buy.


You probably have a morning and night-time skin-care routine. The components in your routine would help keep wrinkles and sagginess at bay.

A moisturizer is very important. It would trap water and give you a more youthful look. Don’t use a harsh exfoliator either. Your skin would get irritated, which accelerates aging.

A must to your routine should be anything with glycolic acid, like the nip fab glycolic serum. The acid would promote collagen growth.


You don’t need us to tell you how bad smoking is for you. It wreaks havoc on several parts of your body, especially your skin. Nicotine causes blood vessels to narrow. Not much nutrients and oxygen would be able to flow to skin cells. They’d then die.

The lack of nutrients would cause wrinkles, but you’d also be left with an unhealthier complexion.

Don’t Skin

Don’t want to give up smoking? Sadly, your journey to staying youthful means that you’d have to stop drinking too. Alcohol dehydrates the skin. It also does what nicotine does – your blood vessels would be constricted.

Does this mean you can’t have a glass of wine every now and then? You can; just don’t drink regularly.

Staying youthful is something everyone wants. How well you’d take care of your skin would affect this. Help yourself by not smoking or drinking either. The two would cause blood vessels to restrict – collagen would die. Be sure to use sunscreen and hats too. They’d protect you from ultraviolet rays.

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